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📚 Design an irresistible reading nook




Having your own reading nook is not only trendy, but also very useful. We all live busy lives, with little moments of winding down. And this is exactly what a reading nook offers – a peaceful spot at home where you can recharge. 

The best reading corner should check some very important boxes. It should be comfortable, offer peace and silence, and look amazing. Your home reading nook also has to feel cosy and inspire you to leave your thoughts behind and dive into a good book. 

Before creating the perfect reading nook design, there are some details to keep in mind. We put together everything you need to know about it. We have reading nook ideas, styling tips, and beautiful furniture and accessories for your own reading corner.


🛋️ What does the perfect reading nook look like?


The mood of your reading corner is essential. Your library design has to match the purpose of this spot. To inspire relaxation, it should breathe cosiness through every detail.

The first aspect to think of for your cosy reading nook is the lighting. Evidently, natural lighting is important, but we can’t rely on it only. Your home library lighting has to set the tone of the room. Since this is where you’ll be enjoying your favourite books, magazines, or TV shows, make sure you use enough lighting. 

Create a lighting ambiance comfortable to the eye. Add warm lighting in several spots of the room, for a cosy mood. Place one lamp on your desk or side table, and don’t forget about the floor lamp – this is the ideal lighting fixture for reading. 

Another way to design an irresistible cosy reading nook is to add lots of creative details that express your personality. From accessories for your library armchair or reading nook bench, such as comfy pillows and throws, to inspiring artwork and memorabilia. 




👀 How do I organise my reading corner?

To be able to relax in your reading corner, you need to organise it properly. Think of your reading corner design – it has to be comfortable and functional. Both aspects allow you to spend enjoyable time reading in your special spot. 

The first thing you need to do is choose the right library armchair. The chair has to be spacious enough to allow you to relax, while not crowding the space. A reading nook bench is another lovely option, especially when placed against a window. Don’t forget to pair the armchair or bench with a comfy ottoman.

Now think of the utility of your reading corner. If you’re planning to write down notes or spend more time on your hobbies, you’ll need a desk. Pair it with some trendy desk organisers that match the style of your reading nook. This way, you’ll have everything within reach, and can even enjoy this spot as your home office.

For your books, you need sturdy shelving units or floating shelves. For bookshelf styling, we recommend balancing the stacks of books with various accessories, such as potted plants, framed photos, and fun bookends. Keeping all your books together and close to your comfy reading spot will make a great reading corner design.



✔️ Choose the right style for your reading nook – meet your industrial home library

One of the nicest things about organising a reading corner comes from the freedom to style it. You can create a beautiful reading corner anywhere in your home – in your bedroom, living room, nursery, even design an under-stair reading nook. 

The furniture and accessories of your choice can fit any interior style. One of the most popular choices is to design an industrial home library. For this, focus on furniture and decorations that match an industrial library. Start by looking into industrial style shelving – metal shelving units in black, grey, and white that are sturdy and fashionable. Decorate your desk with a charming desk lamp that combines solid mango wood and metal. When designing an industrial home library, try out various accessories and furniture items that emphasise the coolness of the industrial style.



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