Tips for choosing the ideal armchair

Choosing the right armchair is a very personal and important choice since it should be a comfy place where you wind down after a long day. To make the decision a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you make the best choice!  


Where to start when picking an armchair 

To understand how to choose an armchair, we’ll start with reviewing your current furniture setup. Start with the measurements of the room where the armchair will be placed. Are you creating a cosy corner in your bedroom or do you want to have a statement armchair in your living room? Make sure the size of the chair fits the space perfectly. An easy way of testing this is to cut out the shape from a piece of paper and put it on the ground. There should be sufficient space around the chair, allowing it to breathe.

But how do you choose that accent chair? If you’re looking for a real eye-catcher, there are several things to consider. Read more below!


What style should your armchair be?

The first step is making sure your armchair perfectly fits your interior style. Find out which style works best with your existing design or can create a nice contrast. 

An armchair can be used to complement décor details – a bohemian chair in a bright corner or a Chesterfield style chair in front of a fireplace.

If you’re into the eclectic, choose an armchair that’s the opposite of your current interior style. Industrial armchairs can perfectly match a rural design, while a butterfly chair adds a romantic vibe to a room. 

What colour should your armchair be?

After you’ve decided on the purpose, shape, and material of your chair it’s time to consider the colour too! A strong colour will turn your chair into the focal point of the room, while a neutral colour complements other furniture items.

If you want your armchair to stand out, we’d like to give some tips on how to choose an accent colour for your chair. Consider your space, the lighting, and the floor. Go for something bold – a cool colour for brighter spaces, next to a wooden table or a neutral wall. An armchair in a warm colour works better in a small space, as lighter tones help open up the space. This way, you can add accent decorations to make it pop.


Upholstered armchairs

When buying a new armchair, it’s important to choose a material that works for you. 

  • If you have pets, choose a fabric that can be easily cleaned.
  • Go for a durable fabric with washable cushions if you have kids
  • Leather is a very elegant choice. High-quality leather remains nice over time.

Think of all the ways your armchair will be used. Other material options are soft fabrics like linen or polyester. Is your new armchair the star of the living room? Opt for velvet or wool.

The base of the chair can contribute to its looks too. While the options are unlimited, think of the perfect combination for your armchair. A wooden base will give it an elegant look, while a metal one fits a modern style. Bulky legs are charming, but thinner ones work best in a limited space and fit with a Bohemian or Scandinavian style. 


Styling an armchair

For an inviting and cosy atmosphere, finding the perfect armchair is just the start. Styling it nicely is vital. Pair it with a nice coffee or side table. It’s practical but it also draws attention to this relaxing corner.

Play with different textures for more depth. Don’t be afraid to get creative and add a contrasting throw on it. Pick a bohemian pattern, a geometric shape, or a wool throw for more cosiness.

If the space allows it, pair your armchair with a floor lamp. The positioning of the light not only works for practical reasons but also creates a warm, inviting look.

When trying to find the ideal chair, people wonder if the armchair should match the sofa. Different textures and materials add depth to a room, so experiment with items that don’t match. If your sofa is less textured, pick an armchair that comes in a lively pattern to brighten up the place. Have fun choosing the material. Mix and match different styles & fabrics but keep the whole picture in mind.

With so many armchair ideas for your living room, finding the one for you might seem a bit overwhelming. To make the best purchase, follow our tips on how to choose the right armchair. We also invite you to check out our selection of armchairs below and find your new chair.