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Embrace the rough elegance of the industrial design


Industrial style is a type of design inspired by factories and warehouses. It is influenced by bold industrial spaces and turns them into home décor. You'll find exposed brick walls, metal pipes, and rough wood furniture. The colours are understated and the vibe is edgy. It's the perfect way to bring a bit of downtown coolness into your home, whether you're living in a loft or just want to add some industrial flair to your space. Let's dive into the industrial interior design together and make your home a total trendsetter!


What are the elements of industrial style?

If you want an edgy, urban look in your home, go for industrial style décor! It's all about using colours like grey, brown, and black. As for materials, opt for metal, concrete, and reclaimed wood. Functional furniture made of steel, exposed brick walls, and low-hanging ceiling fixtures gives the space an authentic feel. And don't forget to add industrial accessories like metal-framed mirrors to complete the look!

How to make use of the industrial style colour palette

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The industrial style colour palette is defined by muted tones and raw finishes. Shades of grey, black, and brown, along with metallic accents, create a rough and modern feel.

Industrial materials you’ll need

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Industrial style materials are rough, raw, and full of character. To get the right industrial interior design elements, look into:

  • reclaimed or distressed wood
  • metal in any colour
  • leather
  • exposed brick walls
  • touches of concrete or stone

Build an industrial style décor like a pro

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Industrial style decorations are practical and stylish. Think metal accents, raw wood furniture, and simple designs. For a more authentic feel, add vintage accessories, such as car parts.

Design an Industrial style décor in 3 easy steps

Designing an industrial style décor is easy and fun! Here are three simple steps to get you started:

  • Step 1: Embrace raw industrial style materials

    To create a real industrial feel, use furniture that combines the two most popular industrial materials, wood and metal. Look for pieces that can easily become the centrepiece of the room, such as a black wooden TV unit with metal legs and open shelving.

  • Step 2: Focus on functional furniture

    Industrial style means practicality, so opt for furniture that’s both stylish and useful. Opt for steel-framed pieces, such as sofas, with clean lines and minimal details.

  • Step 3: Add industrial interior design accessories

    Small details such as metal-framed mirrors, Edison bulb light fixtures, or geometric wall art can add the finishing touch to an industrial décor. Have fun playing with different industrial accessories to create a space that's totally you!

Essentials for your industrial interior design style

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Industrial décor ideas from our customers

The best industrial style inspiration comes from our #sharemevidaxl customers; check it out!


How to decorate your home in industrial style room-by-room

Ready to give every room in your home an urban edge? Industrial style is the answer! Discover how to add industrial interior design elements to your kitchen, living room, and bedroom for a rough look.


Industrial Kitchen

Designing an industrial-style kitchen is like cooking something fun and exciting! Get ready to combine raw materials like metal and wood with practical features like stainless steel appliances or open shelving. Adding pendant lights with metal shades or wire cages is a popular choice in kitchen lighting.


Industrial Living Room

Start with a neutral colour palette and add rough materials like metal, concrete, and wood. Large furniture pieces made of leather, such as sofas, match the edgy look while giving you all the comfort you need. Add exposed light bulbs to complete the look. The result? A trendy industrial style living room that's perfect for lounging or entertaining!


Industrial Bedroom

Dreaming of a bedroom that's anything but basic? Make your bedroom a one-of-a-kind space with a metal-framed bed and vintage-inspired bedside tables. A metal clothing rack with a sleek design can become a statement piece. Look for one with a matte or distressed finish, incorporating elements like exposed bolts or a pipe-like structure. And don't forget to add some accessories like an old clock for a touch of old-school charm.

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