We're so excited to talk about Christmas tree decorating! After all, what's more fun than getting together in the living room and decorating the beautiful, symbolic Christmas tree? The activity itself has a lot of meaning since everything happens around the Christmas tree during the festive season. Continue reading...

New house, new opportunities!


Moving to a new house doesn’t have to be a difficult and tiring process if you plan beforehand. There are many reasons to move to a new home, and a helpful set of moving tips will make it simpler for you. We have the greatest moving advice whether you're a student moving into a dorm, a new homeowner, or planning a renovation. Continue reading...

Interior & outdoor trends of 2022



jennysreallife (Instagram)

As we enter a new year, we start thinking how we can freshen up our home and garden. 2021 was an exciting year, with new design trends. Fortunately, in 2022, we'll keep some of the most popular trends from the previous year while including fresh elements and designs. Continue reading...

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