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A kitchen should be practical, safe and, - well, pretty. Check out our kitchen furniture ideas below.

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Are you looking to design the home of your dreams? Besides a broad variety of products to choose from, you'll also need a bit of home inspiration. To guide you through the most well-known styles and beautiful trends of the moment, we created this incredibly useful inspirational area. Consider our blog as an example. Every blog post offers valuable interior design inspiration, decorating tips, and furnishing solutions.

Furthermore, we developed some detailed buying guides for must-have products to assist you when making a purchase decision. For more home and garden inspiration and to make the furnishing part easier on you, we offer you the chance to design each room at a time. This will help you focus only on deciding the décor and furniture for that specific part, for a home that's perfectly in tune with your needs.

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The truth is that we draw our home inspiration from real homes and the people that integrate our furnishing solutions and styling tips into their space. So, our consumers are the actual heroes who inspire us. We appreciate them sharing their home décor with us, and we see it as a great source of home and garden inspiration.

As a result, we created a place where all home décor styles and trends of 2022 come together, having our customers in the spotlight. Get inspired by our customers’ creations by visiting our #sharemevidaxl page, fully dedicated to celebrating you and your creative designs. Here you'll find a huge variety of our products, styled in real home settings. You'll be able to see how they can fit into your décor too, which will give you a broad understanding of how to design your ideal home. Would you like to be featured? Check the terms here!

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