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Welcome to our amazing hallway furniture inspiration corner! Discover cool hallway furniture ideas for this often-overlooked space, yet so important. So, what furniture do you put in a hallway? From hallway furniture sets to hallway storage, find what you need to design a versatile yet clutter-free space.

Want to make your hallway look good? Add a colourful rug or a unique console table, and a statement hallway décor piece. Need storage? Go for hallway units or shoe storage. The key to a modern hallway is simplicity and functionality.

Hallway collections

With our hallway furniture inspiration, you can build a welcoming hallway atmosphere anywhere. Start with our stylish hallway furniture sets and collections. We’ve got sturdy entryway doors, as well as stylish interior doors. Add character to your space with reclaimed materials for that rustic touch. Enjoy a clutter-free space with our hallway essentials. Give your hallway the look it deserves and make it an inviting part of your home!

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Hallway decoration tips & ideas

A hallway is not just a pass-through space, it's an opportunity to make a lasting impression on guests. Browse our interior styles page for some hallway ideas! There’s something to suit every taste. Check out our informative blog post for hallway decoration tips, for example. Or learn how to pick the right furniture for your space. This section offers you plenty of tips and tricks to help you turn it into a beautiful hallway.

Interior styles

Winter’s cold scent might still be present in the air, but we can slowly start peeking into our gardens...

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How to decorate a modern hallway

Choosing the right bed is vital if you don’t want any sleepless nights. Since you spend a third of your life in bed, you must ensure high-quality sleeping conditions.

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We're so happy to see our customers creating beautiful spaces with our products and sharing them with #sharemevidaXL. From stunning garden designs to cosy home interiors, our customers' creativity is truly inspiring. You, too, can join our community and share your own vidaXL-inspired designs. Let's celebrate our passion for beautiful, comfortable living spaces and inspire each other to create even more amazing designs!

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