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3 tips for blending your indoor & outdoor space


We’re meant to feed on sunlight and fresh air. Not only that, but vitamin D and high levels of serotonin highly influence our well-being. So, if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor area - from a small balcony to a spacious backyard - you should make the most of it. 

Your indoor and outdoor space must come together as a fully functional and harmonious living area. But how can you achieve this look in the best possible way? We put together some helpful tips on how to get that limitless space vibe; let’s dive right in!


Borderless indoor-outdoor space

Fluidity is what you should be thinking of when designing your living space. Normally, the indoor is well separated from the exterior in terms of design and functionality. Forget about that and think of it as a unified space.

Opt for matching floors that can work for both inside and the outdoor area. We recommend porcelain tiles for durability and low-maintenance, in slightly different textures - softer for inside, anti-skid textured for outdoors. If you prefer natural wood flooring, pay attention to exterior maintenance techniques for an ageless look.  


Create a joint style 

Functionality is key when creating the perfect design to suit your lifestyle. Analyse your daily habits and come up with a layout that works best. In order to enjoy the benefits of an indoor-outdoor space all year round, think of your needs first.

Create a comfortable lounge area close to your kitchen/indoor dining space for endless summer dinners. Make sure you have easy access to a bathroom from your patio. Add a playhouse for your kids near the lounging area and set up a fun playground your pets can enjoy as well.

The same flow applies to the design style of your choice. Know what you like and look at the outdoor area as an extension of the indoor space. Go for similar style decorations and invest in high-quality patio furniture. Don’t forget about the importance of lights and cosy accessories for a dreamy garden atmosphere. 


Give your kids a safe place to play and explore with our portable folding playhouse. Your little ones can enjoy imaginative role-playing. This playhouse is amazingly quick to assemble and disassemble in just a few minutes.     Add a touch of contemporary style to your garden, patio or terrace with these poly rattan dining chairs!    Our LED solar lamp is equipped with an AA battery that is charged by solar energy during daytime and turns on automatically when it gets dark. It is the perfect decorative lighting for gardens, patios, paths, driveways, etc.


Invite the outdoors in

The idea of an indoor-outdoor area comes from our need for flexibility and spaciousness. See your home as an open space where good vibes flow freely. Therefore, inviting the outdoors in can break the border of having two separate spaces. 

To do so, you must let natural light into your home. Go for big windows or folding glass doors. Depending on your need for privacy, you can choose to remove window coverings completely or use subtle ones

We can’t stress the importance of bringing freshness into your home enough. Place natural plants across your indoor areas but mostly near windows and doors. This way, you instantly create a smooth transition from your indoor to outdoor space. 

Also pay attention to seasonal changes. For example, you can add a fire pit to your outdoor space to keep you warm and cosy during colder days. Invest in sunshades for protection during hot summer days and don’t overlook the power of stylish decorations. This way, you can make your indoor-outdoor space pop, and enjoy it throughout the year.  


 This stylish yet highly comfortable garden sofa set will be an eye-catcher in your garden or on the patio.      This fire pit will make a decorative and atmospheric addition to your garden or patio, while also keeping you warm when it gets colder in the evening.      This elegant hanging parasol is perfect to create some shade and protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays.


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