Decorating a Christmas tree: store-bought or DIY solutions?

Lifestyle · 22. November 2022

We're so excited to talk about Christmas tree decorating! After all, what's more fun than getting together in the living room and decorating the beautiful, symbolic Christmas tree? The activity itself has a lot of meaning since everything happens around the Christmas tree during the festive season. Decorating your Christmas tree means spending time with your family or friends while using your creativity to beautify your home for the holidays.

The Christmas tree is the centrepiece of your living room, your home, and the whole festive season. Which puts a bit of pressure on the process of decorating the Christmas tree. Every year, we want to find ways to improve our decoration game. If you're wondering what you need to dress a Christmas tree, we're here to help. We'll go through several ways to decorate your tree, different types of decorations, must-have items, and fantastic Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ideas.

You have complete creative freedom when decorating your Christmas tree. Trends are obviously important and can tell us a lot. But your Christmas tree should reflect your unique personality, much like your home décor. The answer to how can you decorate a Christmas tree is simple: any way you want to! If you want a tree made entirely out of green balloons, you can! A classic artificial tree with handmade tulle baubles? Why not! Let's have some fun with your Christmas tree decorations!

What makes a Christmas tree breathtakingly beautiful?

To decorate your Christmas tree like a pro, you need to create a balanced look that's festive enough while not overcrowded or tacky. Pay attention to the important things, such as your Christmas tree décor essentials.

The first thing to think of is a theme. This will help you select the right decorations. You may always find inspiration in this year's trends, your tastes, your hobbies, or even your interior home décor if you don't have a theme you like.

The following stage is choosing the ideal Christmas tree ornaments and adding texture with lovely hues and lights. You can decorate a unique Christmas tree by finding the ideal balance between these important elements. When choosing the theme and the decorations, bear in mind your individuality and how they will blend with the style of your house. Before you start decorating the tree, remember that lights should go up first! Keep reading to find out more about the right order and placement of the decorations.

Make your own Christmas bauble design

Christmas tree ornaments & textures

Everybody knows the Christmas tree ornament essentials are baubles, garlands, lights, various other decorations, a tree topper, and the skirt of the tree. They come in a wide range of styles, colours, and sizes, so you'll have plenty of options to play with. The challenge is how to arrange your Christmas tree ornaments in a pleasing way. This is how we encourage you to do it:

  • Pick your favourite ornaments and place them first in the best spots on the tree.

  • Distribute the larger pieces equally on the tree's base as you go. To add texture to the Christmas tree, the smaller ones are placed near the top.

  • Keep in mind to hang certain ornaments – the heavier ones - close to the tree's trunk. They'll contribute to the tree's overall look by giving it depth and a fuller feeling.

  • Take a step back and look for any gaps. Possibly a garland or a couple of pearl strings might be what’s missing. This brings to mind the Christmas tree ornaments materials. There are no limits; have fun with everything from velvet to feathers to glass or real flowers!

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Beautiful and stylish Christmas tree colour schemes

When it comes to the Christmas tree colours, the theme you chose will guide you. The key rule is to only use three colours in a combination. The Christmas tree colour scheme depends on the tree's style. For a minimalist-looking tree, for instance, you might use snowy whites, metallics that add the ideal gloss, and a little bit of red for that classic feel. You can stick with the red and gold Christmas tree colour scheme for a more traditional look. If you want a Scandi design, you can choose neutral colours (e.g. brown tones like beige or light grey) that are accented with silver or gold tones.

You might be wondering what colours go well together on a Christmas tree. We suggest trying out these colour schemes based on this year's trends:

  • Join the trend of eco-friendly Christmas tree decorations! Shades taken from nature, such as earth tones, warm golden hues, and brown timber tones beautifully enhance a white palette.

  • The festival rainbow colour scheme will brighten your Christmas décor! Lively shades of pink, deep blue, and scorching orange can be just the thing to get you in the festive mood. Their vibrant hues will make you think of a summer celebration.

  • Pastels are still going strong. If you're looking for a calm and subtle Christmas tree colour scheme, go for lavender.


Scandi Christmas tree decoration

The irreplaceable Christmas tree lights

The Christmas tree lights are the icing on the cake. They add to the joyful atmosphere and make all the decorations stand out. When unsure of how to hang Christmas tree lights, just remember that they go up first!

You'll need to set the lights up before adding any decorations – trust us, to make your life easier. Use the string lights to go around the tree. If you choose a yellow light*, that will instantly create a warm and cosy atmosphere. For a Christmas tree that is 120 cm tall, allow enough length, about 10 m of lights.

However, you also have the choice of purchasing an LED pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. These can spare you the hassle of putting the lights up and down each year or worrying about misplacing them. After all, who enjoys having to untangle their Christmas tree lights?

xl tip

*Some people choose white or blue for their Christmas lights because they add a playful note to the festive décor. Additionally, certain light strings offer a variety of fun lighting effects, including twinkling, flashing, slowly fading, waves, and sequential mode.

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Make your own Christmas decorations: DIY for the Christmas tree

What do you do when you want a Christmas tree like no other? One that stands out as the centrepiece of your home? That one that will stun all of your guests? We know - you engage in a little DIY Christmas tree ornaments project!

DIY tree ornaments are those important details that will set your Christmas décor apart. They can look and be created out of... basically everything. And the best part is that you may imprint your originality on this lovely holiday season.

  • Supplies for arts and crafts. Everything from a simple needle and thread to scissors and a glue gun.

  • Fabrics, such as tulle, velvet, and even denim. See what fits with your chosen theme and make the most creative ribbons or fabric decorations*.

  • Bits and pieces from nature, for a farmhouse-inspired Christmas look. You can work with small tree branches enclosed in glass baubles. Another idea is to hang wooden handmade decorations that you can paint.

  • Do you have a sweet tooth? Then, rather than using the traditional Christmas tree decorations, you can make candies to hang.

  • Imagine what you can do with coloured paper, some glue, and glitter. Play around with different shapes for your paper ornaments and add glitter to make your tree shine!

xl tip

*We encourage you to repurpose old clothing, like knitted sweaters or old jeans instead of buying new fabric for your handmade decorations. It’s environmentally conscious and super fun!

Make your own paper angel ornaments

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 💜 team vidaXL