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How to decorate a modern hallway




Your hallway is a transitional space. It has to be practical, to store everything you need before leaving. But let’s not forget how important first impressions are. You open the door to your home in the evening and your hallway should feel inviting. 

So don’t overlook it and design a stylish and welcoming entrance. Let’s see our amazing tips and tricks for organising the nicest entryway. Come in, meet your new trendy hallway.


💡 5 tips for designing a stunning hallway


1. Stylish storage

Designing a practical hallway should be the first thing on your list. You need storage space for your coats, hats, umbrellas, and so on. Combining practicality with style is a challenge, best seen when decorating the entryway. Get an end table. Find one with a shape that suits your space. Some have drawers where you can store smaller things. Others offer only surface area, which allows you to add various decorations.

You’re going to need a shoe racks too. You have plenty of options to choose from: enclosed cabinets, wall mounted shoe racks, even benches with shoe storage. A coat rack will keep your coats and seasonal clothes around. When the space allows it, go for a wardrobe cabinet. This is perfect for keeping everything out of sight, for a modern clean look. 




2. Walk barefoot: comfy rugs

Make it comfy! Enjoy coming home and getting your shoes off. Add a rug that matches the style of your décor. It can be a fluffy one – your feet are going to be thankful. Choose a single runner in a similar colour palette. Or opt for two smaller pieces that will add texture to the design. 




3. Mirror, mirror on the wall 

A mirror in your hallway has a double purpose. You need it, there’s no doubt in that. In case you have a small space, a mirror will make it look brighter and more spacious. Reflecting the light, the mirror creates the illusion of a larger hallway. Play with different shapes and frames, to emphasize its decorative purpose. 


4. Get creative: build a gallery wall 

Build your own gallery wall. Frame anything that you find inspiring and use this precious space. From family photos to favourite artworks, everything can go on your gallery wall. Look for different shapes and colours in frames to build a collage. You can also add a floating shelf. This way, you’ll be able to put other things like memorabilia on display.




5. Set the mood with great lighting

Lighting is always super important and so is the choice you make for your hallway. Do you want a fancy vibe? Go for a chandelier. A pendant lamp makes your hallway cosy. Same goes for a table lamp placed on your end table


⭐ Decorate your hallway but make it modern 

Decorating your hallway in a contemporary style is a pretty nice choice. Go for fine lines, defined shades combined with neutral colours, and classic patterns. Mix materials like natural wood, glass, or marble and add soft fabrics like cotton and velvet. For a bit of a modern charm, invest in a geometric wallpaper or an accent wall in a strong shade. 




In terms of furniture, your contemporary hallway needs a star! And that’s an end table. This piece of furniture will keep everything within reach, while looking awesome. Get one with a metal frame and glass table-top for a modern look. A wooden end table in white with small drawers is cosier, while a round one will draw all the attention.  





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