Tips for choosing an end table

Your living room is the heart of your house. This is where movie nights take place, you get together with your friends, or relax on the sofa with a good book. Picking the right sofa is the first step towards creating the comfortable space you need. But when it comes to adding accents of style and practicality, end tables are a must.

It is a fun job, but do you know how to choose end tables to fit your dream design? The first thing to keep in mind is their purpose. End tables are meant to help you keep everything neat and within reach. They come next to your sofa or chair and have a great deal of aesthetic influence.

With so many options available, you can get confused when thinking about how to choose the shape of the end table. The same goes for choosing your end table colour according to the rest of your interior design. To make your job easier, we created this guide on how to choose end table material and other ideas for styling it.  


Why do I need an end table?

End tables are such versatile pieces of furniture. They’re meant to store everything you might need when relaxing on your comfy sofa. Ideal for emphasizing the space, end tables are available in many shapes and styles. Keep reading to see which end table fits your space and interior design.

Keep in mind that many people choose end tables instead of coffee tables. Pair two similar together or mix & match different styles for a bigger visual impact. Play with different materials and shapes, for a luxurious look.


How to pick the perfect end table

An end table is positioned next to your favourite chair or sofa. This is where you can store TV remotes, books, and magazines, or your cup of tea. When purchasing an end table, most people wonder if end tables should be higher or lower than the couch. You can go for the same height as the couch’s arm, the standard being 60 to 80 cm. Ideally, end tables should be 2 to 7 cm lower than your sofa’s arm. This small detail will add extra comfort when you’re reaching out for your book.

Since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you need to consider how big your end table should be. This depends on your space, needs, and how you want to purpose it. Consider the space you have next to your sofa and remember to let your design breathe. Leave enough room around it and opt for a smaller end table when necessary. Such a setup doesn’t have to fill the entire space, go for an airy-looking area instead.

End tables are a great addition when looking to accessorise your living room. To understand how wide your side table should be, think of the way you want to use it. If you want to stack books, magazines or add a lamp, the surface of your table must be at least 55 cm wide. Some come with more complex storage options, like drawers or shelves. So, we recommend deciding on its purpose before moving onto the next part – the aesthetics of an end table.

Find the end tables you’ll adore

We love end tables because they are some of the most creative options when decorating. If you’re wondering if your end tables need to match, you decide based on the atmosphere you want to create. Let’s explore the whole offer, in terms of shapes, styles, and colour.



Round tables are the perfect choice for smaller spaces and storage needs. They look fabulous in any setup and work best when you want to complement your armless chair or sofa. Furthermore, round-shaped end tables can balance a room with a geometrical style.

Square end tables are great for showcasing your favourite lamp. They offer more space for storage and fit corner setups, next to your sofa. Square end tables also add a bold vibe to your living room area.



The end table offer is huge when taking style into consideration. To avoid being overwhelmed, look into your existing design. If you prefer a minimalist look for your living area, then add a bold end table for contrast. Go for a wooden or concrete one, with ornamental details, or a pedestal base. Lively colours brighten up your place and create amazing contrasts.

Less is always more. Especially when your living room has big furniture pieces, upholstered sofas, and patterned decorations. Pick an end table with clean lines and thin legs, for an open look.



To choose the perfect end table, keep an eye on the other tables and furniture items in your living room. Opt for end tables made of concrete or metal, to balance a chunky wooden coffee table. When dealing with a darker room, we recommend acrylic end tables or glass ones. This way, you ensure a light but vibrant look to your space.

Marble finishes are aesthetically timeless and the right choice when placing drinks on them. The other material options consist of glass and stone end tables. For more appeal, try modern combinations of metal – copper & aluminium, with solid wood.

See your end tables as great decoration tools with storage space. Play with different colours and materials, to integrate them into your desired living room vibe. Follow our simple guidelines on how to choose an end table and enjoy your stylish new addition.