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Top garden accessories



Spending time outdoors in the summer is the best way to enjoy this amazing season. When you have a garden, designing it to fully enjoy it is very important. Besides the necessary garden furniture, there are several more aspects you need to consider. Decide what you want to do with your outdoor space and look into the relevant accessories. We put together some of the best garden accessories and helpful tips for the perfect time outdoors. 


Comfort comes first

Lounging or dining in the sunshine is the best, but what about those hot days? Don’t let the scorching sun ruin your fun and stay protected against the harmful UV rays. Mixing cool drinks or turning to popsicles is not enough. 

The smart choice is to invest in a proper sunshade. Depending on your outdoor space, you can find great solutions for a nice and breezy sunshade. A balcony fits a shade sail, a balcony screen, even a smaller awning. If you have a garden, then we recommend a parasol or a gazebo. Whichever shade fits your space can also bring a bit of style. So, pick those in bright colours for a lovely summer outdoors.  





Use your space wisely

Functionality is key when designing your garden. The best way is to purchase items that are good looking and super practical. Since having a garden means enjoying all kinds of activities, you need to avoid overcrowding it. To keep it tidy and neat, we encourage you to use storage boxes. They look nice, offering plenty of storage space, and can also be used as an elegant seating option. 

For gardening tools, a shed is ideal. Shelves on the wall have a storage purpose as well as a decorative one. You can even create a nice décor with the help of a log storage – so efficient in keeping your firewood in place. Add some garden trellis planters to grow your own plants or herbs, but also improve the fresh look of the garden.


Fun in the garden

If you decorate your garden the right way, you don’t even have to go out to have the most fun. Enjoy lovely lunches with your family, maybe host dinner parties for your friends. Get a BBQ to impress with your cooking skills, or a bar set with stools when having your friends over for summer cocktails. 

Encourage your kids to have playdates and forget about screens. Install a playground or a party tent to keep them protected while having fun. If you’re just looking to relax, we then recommend a hammock or a swing – great for both adults and kids. 





You deserve a pretty garden

A beautiful design suits your garden too, not only the interiors. That’s why you should also think about making your outdoors look nice. Don’t hesitate to accessorise your garden. Use throw pillows and play with colourful patterns. Make your garden dining area cosy with rugs. Set the mood with the help of outdoor lighting. This way, not only you will want to spend more time in the garden, but also unwind in a relaxing atmosphere.





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