How to prep & decorate your garden for winter

Garden · 25. October 2022

With each new season, your garden goes through important changes and processes. Winter garden preparation is one of them. Planting vegetables and seeing them grow is quite satisfying, as is harvesting. But late autumn is the time to take good care of your garden by ensuring that your plants, trees, and flowers will withstand the chilly weather.


Potted plant buried in snow

These are the things you might want to pay attention to as you prepare your garden for winter:

Winter garden preparation tasks. What happens with your garden in winter? Are there any tasks you need to perform in order to protect your perennials or flower beds on cold days? We have some fantastic ideas on how to winterize your garden, from soil preparation to various methods of preserving your plants.

Keep your garden alive – and stylish - in winter. You can still have a lovely garden even though it may be freezing outside. Take the time to learn about winter flowers.

Winterize your garden for an enjoyable time outdoors. Even in the winter, make the most of your outdoor décor. The right decorations will highlight your outside area's natural beauty in the winter's brisk air.

Gardening equipment leaning against the shed wall in the winter

A big, indoor greenhouse garden with winter sceneries

The 4 must-do prep tasks first

Okay, it's time to get to work! These are the 4 major winter garden do's:

1. The cleaning routine

Making room for the coming season is the first step in your winter garden preparation. Gathering fallen leaves, fruits, or veggies, taking care of weeds, composting dead plants, and generally cleaning up your garden are important tasks. Remember to remove any strings, cages, or accessories that helped you in producing crops.

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Keep in mind to look after your gardening equipment. While some may only need a thorough cleaning or oiling, others may require replacement or repairs. If you complete this chore now, you'll be grateful in spring.


Outdoor swing bench with a snowy background

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2. Soil preparation

When it comes to preparing a winter garden, people tend to focus more on the plants than the soil. The truth is that the health and productivity of the crops are determined by the condition of the soil. Autumn is the time for soil testing and nutrient applications.

Sample the soil first to determine if it is acidic, alkaline, or neutral, and what fertilizers it requires. The right fertilizers will help you raise the levels of phosphate and potassium, which will eventually promote root growth and strength.

Watering the soil after fertilising it is essential, therefore if it doesn't rain, make sure to do it. We also suggest doing it before the first frost because moist soil retains heat better than dry soil. It will protect the roots of the plants and reduce the risk of cold injury if you water it before the frost, even the night before if you can.

Frozen evergreen plant

First frost on the ground with evergreen plants

3. How to prepare perennials for winter

You most likely have perennials—plants that come back year after year—in your garden. Even though they are strong plants, you need to understand how to prepare perennials for winter to ensure they survive the cold. Mulching them with leaves, pine straws, or wood chips is one way to do it. This increases soil fertility and helps in the preservation of soil moisture and temperature.

You may also opt for covering plants in winter with a cold frame to keep them from icing. If you prefer a clean-looking winter garden, another option is to just cut your perennials to the ground, cover them with mulch, and let them hibernate.

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Do you grow any perennials in pots? Then, wherever you have room for them inside, such as a shed or garage, we advise you to bring them in.


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How trees and shrubs survive the winter

Getting all of your trees, shrubs, and flower bushes in shape is part of preparing your garden for the winter. Before the first frost, remember to give them plenty of water. To maintain a constant soil temperature for their roots, continue with the process of pruning and mulching. You might also think about covering them with shade screens made of burlap or canvas, depending on the species of plants and trees you have.

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Did you know that you can cover your plant's roots with additional soil to prevent them from freezing? Simply create a pile of soil at the base of the tree or plant before adding the mulch.

Orange winter berries on branches in the winter

Red winter berries with frost

Best plants for a winter garden

There are more outdoor winter plants than you might imagine that can make your garden sparkle in the winter. Your garden's décor will be significantly changed if you decide to add some colour to a primarily grey background. For instance, climbers are both attractive and adaptable. The magnificent Red Ivy can be used to cover fences or, better yet, a garden arch to create a focal point.

You'll appreciate winter berries for their incredible ability to pop in the snow and their festive mood. Broadleaf evergreens and other evergreen shrubs and trees, as well as needle-bearing conifers, make excellent wintering plants, particularly due to their low upkeep.

Green conifer tree branch

Different coloured hyacinths in close-up

Moreover, the Lenten Rose, with its delicate pink hues, is a good choice if you're picturing a winter flower garden. Winter Clematis is another hardy beauty that will make your garden glow.

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Remember to plant your early spring bulbs—we're sure you'll appreciate discovering a tiny yet exciting surprise emerging from the icy snow! With their delicate beauty, the charming Snowdrops give us hope at the beginning of the year. Another winter plant that transforms the look of your garden is Iris Reticulata, while the distinctive Hyacinth provides a special touch to the crisp air with its unforgettable perfume.


Beautiful candle jars for winter decoration outdoors

How to decorate your garden in winter

Here at vidaXL, we always encourage you to think of your outdoor space as an extension of your indoor area. Winter garden preparation also means creating an outdoor setting that allows you to enjoy your garden in winter. Get inspired by our winter garden ideas and design a space that offers everything you need all year round.

  • Get cosy

  • On chilly days, your terrace or backyard requires a touch—or two—of comfort. Consider patio heaters to warm the area, and don't overlook a stylish and practical fire pit. In addition to serving the obvious aim of warming people on winter nights, a fire pit may easily become the focal point of your garden setting. We suggest making an investment in some comfy blankets and outdoor rugs to finish the look.

  • Get creative

  • Lacking an enclosed terrace when it becomes particularly cold in your area? Not a problem! What you could do is turn a shed into a comfortable setting where you could relax. You can design your own haven in your winter garden with the right outdoor furniture, decorations, and some practical features to keep you warm.

  • Get into details that make a difference

  • We can't stress enough the importance of appropriate garden lighting. When you prepare your garden for winter, keep in mind that days are shorter, so proper lighting is what changes the gloomy winter mood. You have a range of options to fit your winter garden décor, from modern in-ground lights to garden posts with a vintage feel. More ideas may be found here to help you choose the perfect garden lighting!


    Sunbathing spot on the patio in winter-time

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