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Outdoor Benches

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Broad range of outdoor benches

Adding an outdoor bench to your front or back garden is the easiest way to create more outdoor seating. It doesn’t have to match the rest of your outdoor furniture, it can work just fine on its own. Why not put it against a bare wall that catches plenty of sun during the day, or somewhere you can enjoy those precious last rays of sunshine before dusk.


Garden benches are also ideal if a full set of outdoor furniture in your front garden is just a tad too much. Once the sun has left you back garden, you might be able to catch some rays at the front of the house. At vidaXL you’ll find beautiful garden benches in various styles.

Cheap outdoor benches - various materials

When someone mentions garden benches, you might picture the classic wooden kind. However, these benches come in a great range of materials, such as metal or rattan. Both materials retain their look and require relatively little maintenance compared to wood. Another popular choice is a combination of materials. A wooden outdoor bench with a metal rose or diamond pattern, for instance.


Apart from various materials, vidaXL also offers a wide range of designs. Garden benches with armrests, a tree bench that can be placed all the way around a tree, benches with or without backrests, and so on. To further increase your comfort levels, vidaXL also offers benches with soft cushions. If these are not included with the bench, you can always add them separately. Apart from the extra comfort, these cushions also add tons of atmosphere!

Wooden garden bench maintenance

Going for wooden outdoor furniture is the sustainable choice. When properly taken care of, it will last you many years. Wooden benches do need some maintenance every now and then. Sometimes, staining or painting the wood before use is required. This protects it from the elements. A bench that’s outside all year, has to receive a good cleaning in spring. Moss and algae will attach themselves to the wood, but they’re not hard to get rid of. Get the bench nice and wet, fill a bucket with water, add salt, soda or cleaning vinegar, and scrub it all off. Those green deposits are gone in no time!

Outdoor Furniture Sales

vidaXL regularly has interesting sales offers for various products, including our outdoor benches and other (garden) furniture. Never miss another sale by registering for our newsletter, and don’t forget to visit our web shop regularly!


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