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High quality night stands

Night stands are indispensable in the bedroom! They are a place for your favorite book, an alarm clock or even a beautiful lamp. When you choose a night stand with a door, you will create more storage space and reduce clutter in the bedroom. At vidaXL, you will find a fabulous range of high quality night stands, ranging from beautiful single units to wonderful cabinet sets.

Indispensable in the bedroom; a night stand

Without even noticing, we tend to place a vast variety of items on our bedside tables. In most bedrooms, you will find a lamp and that all important alarm clock. Some people will add glasses, a glass of water and a book or magazine. A night stand is a great solution for keeping everyday items within reach for those lazy nights in bed. When shopping for a new nightstand, it’s a great idea to consider the décor of your bedroom. Consider the material and the color of your bed for example? Here at vidaXL, we have a superb range of neutral and wooden night stands that will look great in any bedroom. 

Solutions for smaller bedrooms

If you have a small bedroom with limited space, it may not be impossible to place a night stand next to your bed.  In such cases, we suggest a small shelf on which you can place a small lamp and an alarm clock.

Combining night stands with the bed

In some cases, you will purchase your bed and night stands as a set. It is also possible to get these separately, which will allow you to make fun color combinations.

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