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Folding Tables

Handy folding tables

If you do not have a lot of space, or simply do not need to use your table 24/7, a folding table maybe the solution that you have been looking for. These tables can be easily folded away to save space when not in use. Here at vidaXL, we have a superb range of folding tables for indoor as well as outdoor use. You will also find a variety of pasting tables in our assortment. These are ideal for intermittent use because, as well as being very sturdy, they can be stored without taking up too much space!

Fold up tables for smaller rooms

For a smaller room, it could really work for you by choosing a table that can easily be folded away. This will allow you to use the area, that would have otherwise been occupied, as pass-through space during the day. The same goes for a folding table in a small garden. If you want to sit or to have dinner outside, you can quickly take out the table. Just like a pasting table, when folded, it won’t take up any storage space, so it can be easily stored away when it is not being used. Fabulous!

Tables for indoor or outdoor use

Fold up tables are ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. A folding garden table will come in very handy throughout the summer months, and it can be easily stored away when things begin to get a little cooler outside. Folding side tables are also very handy. When there are many visitors, or you need some additional space to place drinks and snacks, simply unfold the table and place it wherever you need!

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