How to choose a sideboard? Tips for the perfect find

Are you almost done decorating your home, but you feel the need for some trendy storage solutions? There are several options to choose from when looking for a practical piece of furniture for your dining area, kitchen, or hallway.

It’s okay if you don’t know the difference between a console and a sideboard. Our buying guide on how to choose a sideboard is here to help.

Today, we use several terms to describe similar furniture pieces such as sideboard and dresser. What you’re looking for is a furniture piece with storage, to complement your room. To know how to choose a dresser, you need to start by identifying your needs:

  • The room you want to place it in
  • Its purpose
  • The style
  • The best size, material, and colour to match the rest of the décor


Which sideboard is the right one?

The process of choosing a sideboard shouldn’t be difficult. It’s important to understand the difference between these versatile furniture items. Dressers are normally used in the bedroom, as a storage solution with drawers. Sideboards can fulfil the same role, but they work best in smaller areas like a narrow hallway. Whichever you choose, take advantage of the upper space for decorative purposes.

Credenzas remind us of a more romantic vibe. It’s often used in a home office. Buffets are bulkier and better for the kitchen or dining room, while consoles successfully replace a TV cabinet. With this in mind, let’s explore some of the possibilities.

Tips for choosing the perfect sideboard

Regardless of the preferred term, when wondering how to choose a sideboard, we must look at dimensions first. Decide on its purpose and the room where you want to place it. Then consider the layout of the room and the rest of the furniture. If you need it for your dining area, pay attention to the size of your dining set. Remember to place it at least 60 cm away from other furniture, to allow the doors and drawers to open.

But what’s a good height for a sideboard? Sideboards normally have no or short legs, to provide more storage space. In terms of height, a sideboard is often around 70 to 90 cm tall. This is an important aspect, as this height allows a perfect setup for serving food off of it, at your next buffet party. Ideal for storing dining items, the sideboard should match the height of your dining table, for a balanced décor.

Since there’s an infinite offer of sideboards on the market, also consider the length. For generous hallways or dining rooms, you can opt for one with three compartments in a row, reaching 145 cm for example. A smaller bedroom can easily accommodate a 60 cm long sideboard with double drawers.


The material, colour, and style of your ideal sideboard

The sideboard is such an amazing piece of furniture that can be found in endless shapes, colours, and style. Adaptable to every room, you can use your sideboard to store your kids’ toys, hide electronics, or as a display for your books and magazines. The huge versatility is also represented through a wide variety of styles.

A few tips on how to choose the right style buffet or sideboard! Start with paying attention to your preferences. We recommend sideboards with doors to hide your tableware in the dining room, and cabinets with glass doors for a traditional kitchen. Drawers are always a plus, while sideboards with shelves can improve the aesthetic of your room.

Some people ask if they can put a dresser in the living room. The answer is yes, use it as a TV console, integrate it into your entertainment area or turn it into a minibar. Follow your creativity and enjoy the decorative purpose of your dresser.

Don’t forget about the materials! Opt for a bulky wooden buffet that suits your traditional kitchen. Look for clean lines and a mixture of wood and metal or glass, for your minimalist dining area. Recycled wood sideboards are perfect for every style, offering durability and an ageless vibe. Vintage-looking credenzas will steal the spotlight in every room, especially when matched with a bohemian décor.

If you don’t have a colour scheme in mind, then we recommend a playful approach. Go for a painted sideboard in a contrasting colour, to make this charming piece really pop. For a more romantic vibe, pastels are always the right choice. A dark sideboard is a bold move, while a white one is such an elegant addition to your bedroom.

With so many options, choosing a sideboard can seem difficult. But it’s such a fun piece of furniture to play with. Remember it must be sturdy and durable, but also fashionable.