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The Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Guide

Christmas is right around the corner, which means it is time to decorate your home for the holiday season. Since Christmas revolves around the Christmas tree, it’s worth your while to do a little research before buying one.

The Christmas tree is associated with the joy of decorating it. This is why getting the right tree is so important – it helps you get into the Christmas spirit.

Which one do you prefer, a real one or an artificial Christmas tree? If you want to use your tree for years to come and not worry about its decay or cleaning up needles, go for an artificial Christmas tree. The best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree is now. Take your time to decide on the right shape, height, and style. We put together this Christmas tree buying guide, to help you make the best choice.


Choose the right height & shape for your artificial Christmas tree

Picking the right artificial Christmas tree is not an easy job. You want it to be impressive, but also fit the size of your room. The Christmas tree shape is also relevant, as it changes the way your decoration looks like. Luckily, our Christmas tree size guide will help you find the best tree.

Most of the people place their Christmas tree in their living room. In this case, the layout of the room and the existing décor influences the size and height of the perfect tree. Our Christmas tree height guide also looks at the shape of the tree.

You can opt for a shorter Christmas tree, 120 cm tall, or go for one that’s up to 240 cm. When it is too short, it will look too small in a big living room. A 240 cm tall tree can only look good in a room with tall ceilings. Pay attention to the size that perfectly fits your room. Now, let’s look into the different shapes to find your artificial Christmas tree.

Pencil Christmas tree

To decorate a modern holiday interior, pick a Pencil Christmas tree. Its slender silhouette makes it a minimalist choice for your home. The pencil Christmas tree has several advantages. Choose this one when you don’t want to use too much floor space. You can save money on decorations, as it doesn’t need too many to look great.

Slim Christmas tree

A similar option, great for smaller rooms, is the slim Christmas tree. Even though it’s slim, this tree can still create a strong visual impact. In a room with tall ceilings, choose a slim tree that reaches 200 cm in height. Ornate it with small accessories, for a minimalist décor, or pick big and unconventional ornaments to make it pop.

Full Christmas tree

The most versatile shape is the full Christmas tree, which is great in every type of interior. It’s medium in size and shape and has full branches, which both make this tree a lovely addition to your Christmas decoration. Choose the appropriate height for your room and ornate it as you please.

Upside-down Christmas tree

If you want to make a statement in your living room, choose an upside-down Christmas tree. A very unconventional choice, the upside-down tree is sure to become an eye-catching piece. It is sturdy and stable, and you can enjoy its rich shape, due to the adjustable branches. Get creative while decorating it, to achieve the festive look of your dreams. 

interior with Christmas Tree

Find the best colour for your artificial Christmas tree

The traditional Christmas décor has a green Christmas tree as the centrepiece. This makes us think of the real tree, while being super easy to ornate. It’s a classic, and it stays in our top preferences, looking like a realistic Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas tree trends have developed in time, so we have many other interesting options. To celebrate the winter season, opt for a white Christmas tree. It is elegant and fancy, and you can use creative decorations. Your artificial Christmas tree can come in other vibrant colours, helping you fill the home with a festive vibe.

Blue Christmas trees

A very bold choice: a blue Christmas tree fits the soothing blue hues trend of this year. Make it stand out even more with silver and golden accessories. If you pick a smaller one (120 cm), place it on a white side table, for a lovely visual effect.

Pink Christmas trees

Pink and champagne tones are super in fashion. Especially when paired with golden ornaments, a pink Christmas tree becomes the focal point of every home. Find your own at vidaXL and don’t hesitate to go for a tall one, up to 240 cm, to design a fancy Christmas mood.

Red Christmas trees

Another striking piece, a red Christmas tree will turn your whole home into a festive dreamland. Complement it with white and silver decorations, for a genuine Christmassy atmosphere.

Gold Christmas trees

A golden Christmas tree is perfect for making a statement. It’s glamorous enough by itself, but it can make an even stronger visual impact when paired with the right lighting. Place it in your dining area, living room, or even hallway (if you pick a smaller one).


Make it special: Christmas tree lighting & decoration

After deciding on the perfect tree colour, size, and style, the fun begins: decorating the Christmas tree! This is the moment when you integrate a tree into your interior and Christmas décor.

There are plenty of creative options for making your artificial tree even more beautiful. Choose the Christmas tree lighting, opting for several Christmas tree string lights. They come in various shapes and light colours, just make sure your choice goes well with the colour and style of the tree.

You can buy separate Christmas tree LED string lights or choose a LED pre-lit Christmas tree. These are energy-efficient and they save you the trouble of finding the right lights. Regardless of the type of tree you pick, you’ll need a Christmas tree skirt. This way, you hide the base of the tree with something festive. Improvise and opt for a DIY tree skirt, out of a present box or even a faux fur blanket.

The last step for Christmas tree decorations is getting the right Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas baubles. Here, the options are unlimited. Stunning colours, inventive Christmas-themed shapes, or even personalised baubles. The choice is yours, just make sure to create a balanced Christmas décor.

types of artificial Christmas trees

What’s your favourite Christmas tree style?

Decorating a Christmas tree is super fun, especially when surrounded by your family or friends. Find the right accessories that fit the Christmas tree style you’re going for.

If you want a trendy holiday décor, we recommend taking a look at the most popular Christmas tree style. Check out some of the most beautiful Christmas tree trends to follow.

Farmhouse style Christmas trees

The all-natural Christmas tree trend is gorgeous and it is the right choice for your farmhouse interior. Opt for a green artificial Christmas tree and decorate it with paper ornaments and handmade pieces in soft, natural colours.

Modern Christmas trees

Create a minimalist holiday décor with a white Christmas tree and several lights. Use simple string lights and fine ornaments in a subtle colour scheme. Pick baubles in softer tones, or opt for baubles made of fabric, such as velvet.

Frosty Christmas trees

If you’re nostalgic about your childhood Christmas tree memories, go for a frosty one. It imitates the spectacular effect of snow and gives a rich texture to your Christmas decoration. Use white or silver ornaments for a modern approach, or go for bold red, to get a more traditional vibe.


Christmas tree magic: it’s in the details

A tree is beautiful and creates that holiday spirit, but we also want that specific Christmas tree smell. When you choose a real tree, the pine smell creates a special and cosy atmosphere in your living room. Since a real tree is not always an option, pick a realistic artificial Christmas tree. To get that special Christmas tree smell, don’t forget about Christmas tree scented ornaments, candles, or pine home fragrances.

When it comes to Christmas tree materials, the most common ones are PVC and PE. PVC Christmas trees are the popular choice, since they’re also budget-friendly. They have furry branches and look rich, and you don’t need to worry about falling needles.

The PE Christmas trees have 3D needles that look just as real as the natural ones. Available for higher prices, the PE trees recreate the shape of a real tree. You can enjoy it for years to come.