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The Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Guide

Christmas is right around the corner, which means it's time to decorate your home for the holiday season! Since Christmas revolves around the Christmas tree, it's worth your while to do a little research before buying one.

The Christmas tree is associated with the joy of decorating it. This is why getting the right tree is so important – it helps you get into the Christmas spirit! To make it even more special, we encourage you to add a personal touch to your festive décor. Of course, you can get into a small DIY (Do It Yourself) project, such as creating handmade decorations for your tree. But if you want to have a truly unique Christmas tree, you have plenty of DIY options too. In addition to your creativity, you just need a few crafting materials and tools.

Which one do you prefer, a real one or an artificial Christmas tree? If you want to use your tree for years to come and not worry about its decay or cleaning up needles, go for an artificial Christmas tree. The best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree is now. Take your time to decide on the right shape, height, and style. We put together this Christmas tree buying guide to help you make the best choice.


Find the perfect space-saving artificial Christmas tree or make your own

Picking the right artificial Christmas tree is not an easy job. You want it to be impressive, but also fit the size of your room. The Christmas tree shape is also relevant, as it changes the way your decoration looks. Luckily, our Christmas tree size guide will help you find the best tree.

Most people place their Christmas tree in their living room. In this case, the layout of the room and the existing décor influences the size and height of the perfect tree. Next, we'll discuss the height, as well as the shape of the Christmas tree.

You can opt for a shorter Christmas tree, 120 cm tall, or go for one that's up to 240 cm. When it's too short, it will look too small in a big living room. A 240 cm tall tree can only look good in a room with tall ceilings. Pay attention to the size that perfectly fits your room.

There are different shapes you can choose from when it comes to an artificial Christmas tree: 

  • Pencil Christmas tree - choose this one when you want to save floor space.
  • Slim Christmas tree – looks great in smaller rooms when decorated with small accessories, for a minimalist décor.
  • Full Christmas tree – a good idea for every type of interior.
  • Upside-down Christmas tree – your pick if you want to make a statement!

types of artificial Christmas trees

Can I make my own Christmas tree?

You can, and we encourage you to! DIY Christmas trees are super trendy alternatives to regular trees. The best part about creating a DIY Christmas tree is that there's no limit. With whatever materials and supplies you have available, you can use your imagination to build the most unique and interesting tree.


DIY Christmas Tree – make your own

Making your own Christmas tree can be a super fun activity for you and your family. Imagine sitting around together with a cup of hot cocoa, surrounded by lots of craft supplies, trying to imagine the most innovative and non-traditional tree. Sounds fun, doesn't it?

We can give you some hints if you're unsure about where to begin. A DIY Christmas tree can be made of... basically, everything you can think of: balloons, branches, ribbons, pallets, books, or feathers, and the list goes on.

As long as your creation has the shape of a Christmas tree, you're good to go. The two main advantages of this non-traditional DIY Christmas tree concept that we want to highlight are that it is both a space-saving and cost-effective choice.

For example, your DIY tree can be as big or small as you want. You can even make one for each room in your house if you're feeling overly festive. Then, you'll be needing some supplies and tools to get the job done. Most likely, you already have most of them. But we also have a more detailed list.


Supplies and tools you'll need to make your own DIY Christmas tree


  1. Christmas baubles and decorations
  2. Arts and crafts
  3. Fabrics, textiles, ropes, shoelaces
  4. Paper, branches, pallet wood, pegboards, and even a wooden ladder that you can simply decorate
  5. Everything else you could think of!


  1. Scissors and thread and needle kit
  2. Regular glue, or glue sticks for your glue gun
  3. A saw, in case you're working with tree branches or other pieces of wood
  4. A hammer or other hardware tools might be handy as well


DIY: Cardboard Christmas tree

  • Step 1

    Take two cardboard sheets and cut them to the desired size for your cardboard Christmas tree. Draw a Christmas tree-like shape on each one.

  • Step 2

    Using scissors, a knife, or a ruler, cut through the cardboard following the tree shape. To get a fine cut, use the tool that is most precise.

  • Step 3

    From the top down and from the bottom down, cut each form in the middle, just inside the edge.

  • Step 4

    Use paint or any other colouring tools to colour each cardboard.

  • Step 5

    Combine the two cardboard pieces together through the cuts.

  • Step 6

    Aaaand you're done with your cardboard Christmas tree! Add the finishing touches using glitter and any other decorations.

Find the best colour and look for your artificial or DIY Christmas tree

The traditional Christmas décor has a green Christmas tree as the centrepiece. This makes us think of the real tree while being super easy to ornate. It's a classic, and it stays in our top preferences, looking the most like a real Christmas tree.

Artificial Christmas tree trends have developed over time, so we have many other interesting options. To celebrate the winter season, opt for a white Christmas tree. It is elegant and fancy, and you can use creative decorations. Your artificial Christmas tree can come in other vibrant colours, helping you fill the home with a festive vibe.

  • Blue Christmas trees work like magic with silver decorations
  • Pink Christmas trees paired with golden ornaments will definitely steal the spotlight
  • Red Christmas trees will turn your whole home into a festive dreamland
  • Gold Christmas trees are perfect for making a statement. 

On the other hand, DIY Christmas trees need no introduction: they will shine wherever you might place them. For instance, one made from balloons adds beautiful volume to your room, while keeping the festive décor on the minimalist side. If you choose to make a non-traditional DIY Christmas tree out of real tree branches glued one on top of the other, you'll create a beautiful, rustic-inspired look. Bookworms will love a Christmas tree created from piled-up books.


Make it special: Christmas tree lighting & decoration

After deciding on the perfect tree colour, size, and style, the fun begins: decorating the Christmas tree! This is the moment when you integrate a tree into your interior and Christmas décor.

There are plenty of creative options for making your artificial tree even more beautiful. Choose the Christmas tree lighting, opting for several Christmas tree string lights that also work like a charm with your DIY Christmas tree. They come in various shapes and light colours, just make sure your choice goes well with the colour and style of the tree.

You can buy separate Christmas tree LED string lights or choose a LED pre-lit Christmas tree. These are energy-efficient, and they save you the trouble of finding the right lights. Regardless of the type of tree you pick, you'll need a Christmas tree skirt. This way, you hide the base of the tree with something festive. Improvise and opt for a DIY tree skirt, out of a present box or even a faux fur blanket. 

The last step for Christmas tree decorations is getting the right Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas baubles. Here, the options are unlimited. Stunning colours, inventive Christmas-themed shapes, or even personalised baubles. The choice is yours, just make sure to create a balanced Christmas décor. If you opt for a DIY Christmas tree, keep in mind that less is more – some types of DIY trees need fewer decorations than traditional ones.


Christmas tree magic: it's in the details

A tree is beautiful and creates that holiday spirit, but we also want that specific Christmas tree smell. When you choose a real tree, the pine smell creates a special and cosy atmosphere in your living room. Since a real tree is not always an option, pick a realistic artificial Christmas tree or make your own DIY tree. To get that special Christmas tree smell, don't forget about Christmas tree-scented ornaments, candles, or pine home fragrances.

When it comes to Christmas tree materials, the most common ones are PVC and PE. PVC Christmas trees are a popular choice since they're also budget-friendly. They have furry branches and look rich, and you don't need to worry about falling needles.

The PE Christmas trees have 3D needles that look just as real as the natural ones. Available for higher prices, the PE trees recreate the shape of a real tree. You can enjoy it for years to come.

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