Welcome to the world of modern & colourful interiors! Get ready for a trendy and vibrant home makeover!


Top 3 reasons why the modern & colourful interior trend is so popular

The modern & colourful interior design trend is a hit because it brings such a fresh, modern look. It combines playful colours that make your space pop, and adds vibrant decorations to create a fun, exciting vibe!


The modern look

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Think sleek and chic! Opt for furniture with interesting lines, patterns that pop, and shapes that are out-of-the-box. It's all about keeping things modern, even pet-friendly, and oh-so-trendy!


Playful colours

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Colours can transform any space, and our indoor trend celebrates just that! Add energy and personality into your home with a vivid palette through eye-catching accent pieces and bold patterns.


Vibrant decorations

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Add a touch of affordable elegance to your living space with amazing decorations! From lively wall art to fun, patterned throw pillows, infuse your living space with character and charm.


Essentials to complete your modern & colourful interior look

To design your dream modern & colourful interior, look for essentials to bring along for the ride.

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Top 5 modern & colourful interior styling tips

Here are five fun styling tips to rock the modern & colourful interior design trend:

  1. Playful rugs: choose a vibrant and playful rug to highlight your space. Pick one with a bold pattern or a splash of bright colours to make a statement.
  2. The accent wall: paint one wall in a striking colour or add some lively wallpaper to create an attention-grabbing accent wall. It's an easy way to add drama and personality to your room.
  3. Mixing textures: play with different textures like velvet, faux fur, or knits. Combining various textures adds depth to your space, making it even more inviting.
  4. Colourful curtains: dress your windows in lively curtains or drapes. They add a pop of colour but also soften the overall look of the room.
  5. Fun with mirrors: hang up a funky mirror with a colourful frame to add both style and functionality. Mirrors create the illusion of space and reflect the vibrant energy in the room.


Get inspired by our customers' modern & colourful interior design ideas

Wanna' see some real-life magic? Check out our awesome customers' cool and colourful interiors to learn how to design your own.


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