Small filing cabinet

Why is a small filing cabinet ideal for your office

For keeping your papers and files organised in a small office or home study, a small filing cabinet is ideal. These durable and resilient small filing cabinets are made of metal or hardwood chipboard. Whether they have wheels or not, they can be used to store A4 documents, stationary, and even craft and hobby supplies. Choose from a variety of colours, sizes, and heights in our huge assortment of filing cabinets.


Compact and versatile for a neat workspace

A compact filing cabinet checks all the boxes if you're short on space but need storage for your paperwork. Some versions include a variety of drawer sizes, allowing you to store more items in a deeper drawer. Other types have slender drawers that are ideal for paperwork. vidaXL offers small file cabinets in a variety of neutral and vibrant colours, including white, black, brown, lime green, and teal. With so many options, matching your small filing cabinet to the colour scheme of your office will be a breeze.


Opt for moveable office furniture

Using a small filing cabinet on wheels allows you to easily rearrange the furniture in your study. A small filing cabinet on wheels is a great method to organise your notes, revision papers, school materials, and supplies in bedrooms and at home. The castors make it possible to transport heavy books and documents without having to lift them. The compact filing cabinet's two wheels may be locked to keep it in place once it's in position.


Storage for photos and various hobby projects

Instead of paperwork, the small filing cabinet can be used for other things. Its compact drawers are ideal for holding craft and hobby supplies including beads, ribbon, clasps, fabric, and coloured cards. If you have a large number of printed photos, a small filing cabinet can be used to neatly store them. Homework and school projects for children can be kept in their own tray, too.


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