Leather pouffe

The leather pouffe: a stylish seat and footrest

A leather pouffe is a traditional floor cushion used for sitting or as a footstool. They date back to the Ottoman Empire of the 13th century and were brought to France as a popular piece of furniture in the 18th century. These round or square-shaped floor cushions and foot rests are classy and comfortable.


Why choose a leather pouffe

There are many pouffes made from different materials, but the leather pouffe is special. Soft, supple, and durable, a leather pouffe will serve you well for many years. It is sturdy and can withstand heavy daily use more than other materials. Wear and tear from kids, pets, or moving is minimal, which is why the leather pouffes are so popular.


Goatskin or cowhide?

A leather pouffe can be made from goatskin or cowhide. Both are beautiful and stylish. Goatskin is quite soft and provides comfortable seating. Goatskin leather pouffes come in chocolate brown, whisky brown, or black. 

A cowhide leather pouffe is also beautiful, adding texture to your interior design. The natural oils on cowhide repel dust and dirt, and with minimum maintenance, you’ll enjoy it for years.


How to style a leather pouffe

Leather can give your home a masculine, Scandinavian, or grown-up look. Goatskin or cowhide leather pouffes are more versatile than you might think. In rooms with dark walls and floors, a tan coloured or whiskey toned leather pouffe will match that moody style. In bright modern rooms, a cowhide leather pouffe adds colour and texture.

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