Large paddling pools

Large paddling pools- key elements for a great summer

It’s pool season and if you’re not ready for it yet, take a look at our variety of large paddling pools. When having a big backyard, setting up a large paddling pool for your kids to have fun with their friends over the summer is a must. From traditional paddling pools to inflatable play centres featuring a variety of activities, vidaXL offers a wide range of large paddling pools and swimming pools of all shapes and sizes.

Adult paddling pools are also a great option for enjoying some splashing time together. If you’re not sure about it, maybe considering the benefits of having an inflatable family pool will help you decide.


The many benefits of family pools

Mid-sized family pools come with all the benefits of small, easy-to-store kids’ paddling pools, but adults can join in the fun too, not to mention how cost-effective they are. Enjoying pool time together is the biggest bonus.

Take for example, a family lounge pool with a built-in bench where parents can relax while also being able to closely supervise their children. Moreover, after the kids go to sleep, parents can enjoy a small gathering of close friends by the pool. How cool is that?


Things to keep in mind when buying a large paddling pool

Before anything, you need to decide whether you want it exclusively for your kids, or maybe a family pool sounds better. Once you get that out of the way, think about the capacity and the size of the paddling pool. If we’re talking about large paddling pools for kids, features like parasols for protection against harmful UV rays, a water-sprayer, or other built-in accessories might interest you. At vidaXL you’ll find these and many other fun but practical options. 

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