Bunk beds

Bunk Beds: Great Space-Saving Solution for Small Bedrooms

Bunk beds are essential bedroom furniture for every home, especially those that have children. Whether you’re looking to add an extra bed for your growing kid or you simply want to make better use of your guest room space for when you have visitors sleeping over, a bunk bed will work perfectly. 

Here at vidaXL, you’ll find the best range of bunk beds designed with comfort, convenience, and safety in mind. We have cheap bunk beds in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs and requirements of your family. All our beds meet the highest quality standards as we only list products from recognised manufacturers. 


High-Quality Bunk Beds for Kids

Our striking collection of bunk beds for kids is sure to delight your kids when sharing a bedroom. Be it double bunk styles or triple bed designs, our selection caters to the needs of your family. Whether you have several children or your only child likes to have friends sleeping over, bunk beds offer the best sleeping spots for the children.

In addition, one less bed in the kids bedroom means more space for playing and running around. Our range of double bunk beds is made of superior quality materials to ensure safety, reliability, and durability. You can never go wrong with our kids bunk beds. 


How to Choose the Right Bunk Bed

Measure your space – Start by measuring your floor space and ceiling height. There should be at least two feet of space between the bed and the ceiling. Also, keep in mind that some special features such as drawers will require more space.

Choose your style – Bunk beds come in a rich variety of styles, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a modern piece or a more traditional option, you’re sure to find one.

Safety – Choose bunk beds that come with all the safety features such as footboards, guardrails, and headboards. 

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