Aluminium garden furniture


Buy aluminium garden furniture online

Dining and lounging outside or hosting a garden party can be effortless with aluminium garden furniture. No more bulky pieces to put away, no more feeling of a crowded patio. vidaXL has a great assortment of lightweight garden furniture made of aluminium.


Lightweight aluminium garden furniture 

Aluminium is a “soft” type of metal with a low density, properties that make it lightweight, but not easy to break. Aluminium is used in different combinations and alloys with other components. These alloys give aluminium furniture its durability and great appearance. Moreover, it is a non-magnetic metal, so you can leave your devices on the table. Aluminium garden furniture is corrosion resistant, making these pieces durable and accessible when it comes to price.


Revamping your outdoor space

Whenever you need to put away the garden chairs, you realize they are occupying plenty of space even when you stack them. That sturdy outdoor table you wanted to match the natural colours in your garden turns out to be too bulky to move around by yourself. The sunlounger transformed into a storage space for garden cushions, inflatable toys and other knick-knacks. This is not the garden you dreamed of. 


Time to declutter and rethink your outdoor space. The key element for this is aluminium garden furniture. Imagine a cutting edge garden bistro set made from this lightweight material that you can move around with ease. You can redesign your space without efforts or extra hands. You can just pick up any piece and test any setting!

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