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A storage bench: practical and beautiful

A storage bench is a piece of furniture that is often unjustly forgotten. This piece of furniture is not regarded as indispensable like a sofa, dining table or cabinet, but you will find that a storage bench has its merits. vidaXL has a large assortment of benches with storage space. These benches can often be opened with a lid, but also have several drawers.  

An indispensable piece of furniture

If you have small children, you are no stranger to the nuisance of shoes strewn about. A storage box in the hallway is an ideal solution for that problem. You can use it to store shoes, and your children will have no trouble finding their favorite pair in the mornings. You can also place a storage bench in the living room and use it to store toys. Storage benches can be used to store a lot more than just your children’s things however. You can store pillows, throws or accessories that you do not want to display at of the time.

Storage benches with a lid or drawers

At vidaXL, you will find a wide range of handy storage boxes. It is wise to consider what exactly you mean to store in your brand-new bench before making your choice. A bench with a lid usually has more storage space than one with drawers. These models are wider and have backrests. Benches with drawers have a rustic appeal, but also look great in a modern interior. 

Bench sets

If you need a lot of storage space, a set of storage benches will be an excellent choice. You will then, for instance, receive two benches and a footstool. The footstools also have a dual function. You can relax with your feet up as well as using the footstools storage space to store whatever you want.

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