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This NATO razor wire, suitable for all types of outdoor use, will be a perfect choice for protecting your fields and property. It could even be used to secure military sites, prisons and government agencies.


The sturdy barbed wire, which spreads to a length of 492', can be wound around the top of your property fence for added security. When installed in coils, it will cover a length of 43'-85'. The design with blades keeps unwanted guests out of your property.


Made of high-quality galvanised steel, our razor wire is weather- and water-resistant, and highly durable.


Please check your local laws and seek professional help or advice before starting any installation of this product.


  • Material: Galvanized steel
  • Wire length: 492' (stretched), 43'-85' (coiled)
  • Coil diameter: 28"
  • Razor size: 0.87" x 0.59" (L x W)
  • Razor distance: 1.3"
  • EAN: 8718475935605
  • SKU: 141810
  • Brand: vidaXL

BTO-22 Concertina NATO Razor Wire Galvanized Steel 492'

Brand : vidaXL
Seller : vidaXL
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