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Color blocking – the more color, the better!

Doesn’t anyone cheer up from a splash of color? One of the interior trends of 2018, color blocking, is completely in keeping with this. As the name implies, this means incorporating blocks of color. We have previously observed this trend in the fashion industry, where bright colors were combined. This year, you can also go wild with bright colors in your interior. Think of a large, green sofa up against an ochre wall, or a few choice accessories in bright colors. Anything, as long as a strong contrast occurs. Could you use some help? Read more!



Avoid a garish rainbow interior

Color blocking in your interior is a fantastic trend, provided it’s implemented correctly. If you go about it carelessly and randomly paint the walls in a few different colors and combine that with even more brightly-colored accessories, the result will hurt your eyes. Follow a few guidelines to properly incorporate the color blocking trend into your interior.


  • ·Go easy with the prints
  • ·Choose contrasting colors
  • ·To make things easier, you can consult a so-called color wheel. The colors that are directly opposite of each other on this wheel can be combined; yellow and purple, green and pink, blue and orange, etc. When you choose one of these combinations, you can be sure the colors will really pop.
  • ·Once you’ve determined the color scheme, you can experiment with different colors within the palette. A nice ochre color on the wall matches very well with various shades of blue.
  • ·Besides contrasting colors, you can also go with a safer variant with three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.



Color blocking for daredevils

Are you fed up with soft interior tones and feeling like a splash of color for the spring? Then the color blocking trend is just the thing for you! If you don’t quite dare to go all the way right away, choose a few bright accessories. Perhaps that will get you into the swing of things and your next step will be set of brightly colored dining chairs or a statement color on the wall!

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