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The best outdoor activities for sports enthusiasts


Now that the weather is getting warmer, we are all heading outdoors. Besides the first sounds of the ice cream van around the corner, relaxing at a lovely outdoor cafe or hitting the park with the dog, there are a fantastic variety of activities out there for the sports enthusiasts among us to really get excited about! Why not try your hand at sailing, give cycling and hiking a try, or maybe even hop on a trampoline! These activities are not only great fun, you can also involve the kids and keep them active throughout the summer months! We invite you to come on in and see what vidaXL can do for you!


The best outdoor recreation ideas in a row

Are you not an indoor person? If  this is the case, we would love to give you some inspiration for fun outdoor activities. Great fun to enjoy with your kids, or simply for yourself to get away from your day to day routine! Is there a lake nearby, or do you live close to the ocean? Why not sailing try sailing with a rubber boat or attempt surfing. Here at vidaXL, you will find a fantastic range of wet suits, snorkel sets, SUPs and surfboards! Fabulous!


If it’s a bit too chilly to go into the water, you could choose to go on an outdoor biking adventure instead. This fantatsic outdoor activity is often combined with a nice picnic in the woods or along the side of the road. With the sun shining down it will feel just like a holiday! Besides everything for water sports and gear for a nice bike ride, here at vidaXL, we also offer a superb range of essentials for entertainment in your backyard. Set up a trampoline and your children will be entertained for hours whilest they jump, exercise and learn new tricks.


Even you can learn to camp

The ultimate outdoor activity for the summer is camping. Whether you go to a campsite in the south of France, or pitch a tent in your own backyard, make sure you make yourself as comfortable as possible. Some people say camping is not for them because they miss the comfort. Make sure you have a good air mattress, sleeping bag and a comfortable set of camping furniture. With help from vidaXL, your camping trip will be the greatest outdoor adventure of the summer!

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