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Looking for an interesting hobby? Read our tips here!


There are people who have 1001 hobbies and people that are still wondering what they would like to do to in their spare time. For the latter especially, we have some tips for activities that will give you energy and let you unleash your creativity.



Relaxing with creative hobbies


When you come home after a long day’s work, it’s nice to be able to unwind a little bit. Some people like cycling or to go for a run, whilst others prefer to sit down on the couch to watch some Netflix. There are, however, many other things you can do with your spare time, and here at vidaXL, we have several fun products that could help you develop a new hobby. Here they come!


Go make some music

Have you always dreamed of a career in music? Then vidaXL is the place to be for several musical instruments you can get for a fair price. Go all out with the clarinet or trumpet, or drive your neighbours crazy with a drum set or some bagpipes. Because these instruments are a lot cheaper than in most music stores, they’re the perfect way to test whether this interesting hobby is the right thing for you.


Make your own wine

Another creative hobby that is something entirely different, is making your own wine. Here at vidaXL, you’ll find several fruit and wine presses. Soon you’ll be able to offer your guests something that differs from the standard wine from the supermarket! Of course, we do recommend you taste it before you serve!


Let your creativity run wild

Would you rather do something with your hands? If this is the case, you can go crazy with our badge makers, fabrics, glue sticks and other fantastic items made to inspire your creativity. Would you rather follow a blueprint? Then check out the model building sets, which include 3D boats, churches or motorcycles, all here at vidaXL!

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